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Flintstone, Green Aventurine, and Bloodstone

Cara’s Crystal Cave of Healing is my blog about Crystal Healing. There is a Facebook Group, Cara’s Crystal Cave of Healing. Members can ask questions about Crystal Healing. Weekly there will a designated day for shout-outs for Crystal Healing Services and Products.

During the Covid-19 Pandemic people are searching for ways to cope with the uncertainly. One unhealthy way is to tap into the energy of other people. The term Psychic Vampires sounds scary enough, but most of the time this is being done unknowingly by the Psychic Vampire as opposed to an arch villain in a horror film.

Naturally, some people are energized by being around other people (Extroverts) and others (Introverts) find being in Social gatherings to be draining and they will need time to recharge. A Psychic Vampire is tapping into the life force of an individual through the Spleen Chakra under the left armpit. Judy Hall in her book, Crystal Mindfulness:  Still Your Mind, Calm Your Thoughts and Focus Your Attention With the Help of Crystals in the section of the book, Cutting Ties recommends a Flint Tumble stone can be placed under your armpit to stop this draining action.

A Green Aventurine stone can also be used. 

Green Aventurine: Used to Stop Psychic Vampires

Flint Tumblestone

Flint also helps to establish healthy boundaries and turns back negativity and helps creates inner core stability to be able to adapt to changes. This crystal is used as an anchor stone in Shamanic journeying and in Crystal Grid placements. In the featured healing ritual the Flintstone is swept over the body to heal and seal the Aura.


Changes in routine such as working from home or losing a job or extra chores such as looking after children all day or vulnerable people can make it difficult to sleep no matter how tired you may be at the end of the day.

Bloodstone: Protective, Restorative Sleep

Bloodstone is a healing stone associated with enhanced blood circulation and blood purification but it is also useful to use as a crystal essence before bedtime to get a good night’s sleep. Bloodstone is a protective stone against bullying and an immunity enhancer, especially for exhaustion and when needing extra inner strength. Bloodstone is useful when needing to make decisions needing courage and strategy such as knowing when to retreat from a situation.  To make a crystal essence for restorative sleep wash the crystal off and place it into fresh spring water about an hour before bedtime and then take the crystal out and drink the water.  

Upcoming Blogs

My next blog topic is about using a Spiral Crystal Grid for Abundance. First, we will release negative energy and blockages after the Full Moon during the Waning Moon, and then with the New Moon do the Crystal Grid to attract Abundance for the Waxing Moon.  For the Spiral Grid, a piece of string can be used to make the grid. For Moon phases in your region see

For Yule (December 21st) we will use the Celtic Tree of Life Crystal Grid for Ancestral Healing. For this, we will make a Cleansing and a Charging Spray as this is a long term grid that needs maintenance. For the Celtic Tree of Life, a picture of this can be used. As sprays will be used to cleanse and charge the crystals laminating the picture is recommended.  

Both Grids can be found in The Ultimate Guide to Crystal Grids by Judy Hall. We got the Spiral Grid and Celtic Tree of Life Grid off eBay. Crystal grids use Crystal Healing, Numerology, Intention, Manifesting, and Sacred Geometry. Namaste.

Further Resources

The December 2020 Tarotscope is out now on the Crystal Arts and Health website. This Tarotscope used Angel Tarot by Radleigh Valentine with Angelic, Astrological, Crystal, and Herbal Support.

To learn more about Crystal Healing for the Practitioner see my Udemy course

Udemy Crystal Healing for the Practitioner Course

Cara E. Moore, BSYA (Crys.) (Herb.) Hatha Yoga (Teaching), FMANF

Cara E. Moore is a Crystal Healing and Herbalism Practitioner and Hatha Yoga Teacher and has a Fellowship in the Mantic Arts via the British School of Yoga and the New Age Foundation. She manufactures Crystal Essence® products and teaches workshops and classes. She does a Monthly Tarotscope that offers Angelic, Astrological, Crystal and Herbal support. Cara E. Moore also has taken Business Development, Natural Health Practice Management, Making Aromatherapy and Natural Health Products, Project and Team Management with BSY, and is a TEFL instructor. She writes for newspapers and magazines and internet sites on the Arts, Business, Health and Beauty, Fitness and Travel. She is also an author of Holistic Titles and the mystery series, A Nathan Vallor Investigation. She is an Illustrator and Singer-Songwriter and is a vendor and performer at regional events.