Hafen Van Travels


Hafen Van Travels

Hafen Van Travels is about my journey converting a cargo van to a Class B RV. Hafen is Welsh for Haven. The van will be my music and writing creative living space.   I am doing the cargo van conversion in the tradition of vandog traveler.

I am a chef so I will be making van haute cuisine (lol). I also a Crystal Healing and Herbalism Practitioner, Hatha Yoga Teacher, Illustrator, Singer-Songwriter and Writer and TEFL instructor. I plan to live and travel in the van as I attend craft, music, writing and Yoga events.  I will also be doing Herbal Clinic with Herbalist Without Borders.  They have herbal clinics around the World.

I have been preparing for this Van conversion for over a year now. I follow The Deprey’s, Little House on the Road, Caravan Carolyn, Nomadic Fanatic, Pandamonium, Sierra Night (WomenVandwellers), Simple Rv LivingRolling Earth Ship, and a few others on Youtube. I have learned a lot and continue to learn more each day. I am looking forward to sharing my travels with you. Namaste.

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