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Crystal Arts And Health manufactures Crystal Essence ® products which combine traditional herbal aromatherapy and the developing science of how the Auric field (the Etheric Body) affects the physical body (which is a copy of the Etheric Body) through the ancient practice of using crystal vibrations.

By bringing the Etheric Body back into balance the physical body is also brought back into a healthier state in a holistic approach to wellbeing. The healing crystal vibrations can be preserved and incorporated into herbal and aromatherapy products that use no parabans to full benefit as a Complementary product.

Rose quartz represents the Body Chakra Products

Body Chakra logo

Lapis Lazuli represents the Mind Chakra Products

mind chakra logo

Amethyst represents the Soul Chakra Products

soul chakra logo

Crystal Essence ® Products at Markets

Swansea Market

Swansea Market

St. David’s Market

St. David's Market, Neath

Halloween Poster

Halloween Market

Easter Poster

Happy Easter

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