Hatha Yoga


Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga is physical yoga that brings the body mind and spirit into balance. “Ha” is “Sun” for the masculine and “Tha” is Moon” for the feminine and Yoga is “union”. Hatha Yoga is a form of Raja Yoga which consists of 8 limbs of Yoga.

1) Yamas (Abstentions): truth, non-violence, control of sexual energy, non-stealing, non-covetousness.

2) Niyamas (Observances): austerity, purity, contentment, study, surrender of ego.

3) Asanas – Steady poses

4) Pranayama – control of vital energy (Prana)

5) Pratyahara – withdrawal of the senses

6) Dharansa – concentration of the mind

7) Dhyana – meditation

8) Samadhi – the super-conscious state

Traditionally Yoga is taught from a Guru. The word Guru is a combination of “Gu” which means darkness and “Ru” which means light. The Guru is a guide working within the parameters of “Namaste”, I honor the Divine light within you. This type of instruction was to ensure that the correct method of learning was passed down from Guru to a student.

When the body and mind are not functioning in harmony, there is a division between the physical and mental rhythms, which inevitably leads to sickness. Your mind should be flexible and you should be able to adjust to circumstances. Courage is needed to face the inner visualizations as they dawn to be able to face internal hardships as well as external ones.

Hatha Yoga Workshop Journal, Cover Illustration by Cara E. Moore

Hatha Yoga & The Chakra System Workshop Journal demonstrates the different hatha yoga practices that enhance the chakra system. It includes asanas, mandalas, mantras, meditations, and mudras as well as nutritional and skin care information associated with each dosha type. The illustrations are done by the author. This workshop helps to enhance your Yoga practice for holistic wellbeing for the Auric and Physical body.

Illustrations for Mantic Arts Series

Cara E. Moore has illustrated the Angel Ritual Workshop JournalDragon Magic Workshop Journal, the Hatha Yoga & The Chakra System Workshop Journal and done illustrations reference in the Magical Oils & Incense Workshop Journal.  Photographs and poems and Cara E. Moore Band Merchandise including the cover art for the Kaleidoscope album are available from Cafepress.



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