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Crystal Essence ® Products

Crystal Arts And Health manufactures Crystal Essence ® products which combine traditional herbal aromatherapy and the developing science of how the Auric field (the Etheric Body) affects the physical body (which is a copy of the Etheric Body) through the ancient practice of using crystal vibrations.

By bringing the Etheric Body back into balance the physical body is also brought back into a healthier state in a holistic approach to wellbeing. The healing crystal vibrations can be preserved and incorporated into herbal and aromatherapy products that use no parabans to full benefit as a complementary product.

Crystal Arts And Health Owner, 

cara e moore photo Crystal Healing, Herbalism Practitioner, Hatha Yoga Teacher, Angelic Tarot Reader, Writer, Singer-Songwriter

Cara E. Moore is a Crystal Healing and Herbalism Practitioner, a Fellow in the Mantic Arts with the New Age Foundation (FMANF) and a Hatha Yoga Teacher, Yoga Teaching (Hatha Yoga) training with the British School of Yoga.  She is the author of the Mantic Arts Series: Angel Ritual Workshop Journal, Dragon Magic Workshop Journal, Magical Oils & Incense Workshop Journal and the Hatha Yoga & The Chakra System Workshop Journal.  She also has written Crystal Healing & The Chakra System and Herbal Primer. The Crystal Healing and Herbalism Training is accredited with the World Metaphysical Association.

Illustrator and Business Qualifications

She illustrated the Workshop Journals and these illustrations are available on Redbubble.com, Society 6 and Cafepress, which also has Cara E. Moore Band Merchandise and Poetry and Photography by Cara E. Moore.  She also has qualifications in Business Development, Natural Health Practice Management, Making Aromatherapy and Herbal Natural Products and Project and Team Management.  She trained with Lisa Eddy, a Certified Angel Card Reader ™ in Angelic Tarot Reading and Henry Seltzer, founder of Astrograph, in Learn the Basics of Astrology.

Cara E Moore Writing Qualifications

Cara E. Moore also writes for newspaper and magazines and internet sites and has a current USPS press pass. Writing clips https://caraemoore.wordpress.com/  She does a blog for her Goodreads Author Page and does copywriting with Guru.com  She has done Business profiles for various publications and the Chamber of Commerce Newsletter (Swansea, Wales). She has an Editorial Journalism qualification from Highline Community College and a Professional Diploma in Fiction and Non-fiction writing from The National Writers School. She has Writing to Sell Fiction and Advanced Writer’s Workshop qualifications from the Writer’s Digest School.  She is the author of the Mystery series, A Nathan Vallor Investigation.

Cara E. Moore PR, Event Planning and Speaker Events

Cara E. Moore has done PR for Burien Arts Gallery, the band Krane and the West Wales Business Forum.  She has also sent out press releases for her own events. She was Program Chair for the National Writer’s Association, (Seattle Chapter) and the British Holistic Medical Association (Wales Chapter). She has done event planning for Charities: British Heart Foundation, One World Beat (arranged a Music Event with Hawkwind, Krane, Women in Jazz) and for the Burien Arts Gallery that featured musicians and poets with an open house event at the Gallery. She has given talks on holistic subjects and writing to the Women’s Institute, Friendship Club, Paganism Cardiff, Theosophical Society and business network groups.

TEFL Instructor and Poetry publications

She is also a TEFL instructor and has worked as an English and German language tutor for All-levels Tutoring and A Star Tuition and is the author of TEFL and ESL Teacher Primer:  Making Learning English Fun. She has qualifications as a TEFL Instructor with British School of Yoga, Professional Practices for English Language Teachers with the British Language Council and Literacy through Films with the British Film Institute.  She has also written a collection of poems, Horizon’s Place And Time Meet.

Scriptwriting and Music 

Cara E. Moore also writes scripts and won an honorable mention in the 1996 Writer’s Digest Playwright Competition. She has a scriptwriting qualification in Radio, T.V. and Film and a Filmmaking qualification, Filmmaking: From Script to Screen from the National School for Film and Television and the British Film Institute. She has a profile on Stage 32 and has done Storyboards for Music Videos. She has qualifications in Musicianship, Songwriting, Music Production and Music Business Foundation from Berklee School of Music.  She is a Singer-Songwriter and BMI member with profiles on Reverbnation and Bandcamp and has a Facebook Group with daily themes for fans and other musicians.