Angel Ritual Workshop Journal

Angel Ritual Workshop Journal facilitates working magically with your Angels for better health and wellbeing for yourself and for sharing with others. Angel magic rituals are included for working with the seasons and for higher advanced rituals of aspecting Angel qualities with the help of your guardian Angel and Archangel Watchtowers. Work with the Angel of Harmony & Love for better relationships with yourself and others, the Angel of Prosperity and Abundance for using resources for the highest good and the Angel of Courage and Protection for things seen and unseen.



Angel Magic and Angel Ritual involves communing with and noticing the work of angels in our lives. If we listen, we can see and feel the results of their actions and listen to the language of love and support they speak. Where there is Love life is possible, Love won’t accept anything less and will bridge any perceived or existing gap. How many times has belief in love and well being made a situation that much more bearable and given strength to extend this source of strength to others. "Be not afraid" is a favourite quote of angels. Fear creates limits, manifests a sense of lack, disharmony and being afraid. With the help of Angels, we can love ourselves and others, be at peace, have what we need and not be afraid.


Some tools used in Angel magic and ritual are pendulums for dowsing, Angel affirmation cards, which are readily available to buy or you can make you own, I made a set with gold foil paper with some angel stickers for the plastic card case. White quartz crystal is a favourite healing Angel crystal. Rose Quartz is a love and healing crystal and Citrine is an abundance crystal and Amethyst and Gold are protection crystals. Doreen Virtue does some wonderful Chakra Clearing and Angel books and meditations. I highly recommend Margaret Neylon’s Angel Magic and other books, she is currently giving workshops on the subject. Louse Hays website and books are also helpful to nurture ourselves.

First we will set aside a space for angels, with a candle, some crystals, a figurine or picture of Angels and light a candle each day to get in the frame of mind to communicate with Angels. Some paper to write Angel affirmations with a gold pen, an Angel colour. Perfect Pendulum makes an Angel Archangel Pendulum chart. Get use to using the White quartz pendulum by using the dowsing chart.

White Quartz Pendulum

On the back it tells you the meaning of the different areas.

Once you are comfortable using a pendulum, you can use it for the Archangel Dowsing Chart to see what message is most beneficial for you to hear at the moment. Use the White Crystal Pendulum for this.

On the back of this chart it tells you what each Archangel’s Message is for you.

This is a simple exercise to use to hear what the Angels are saying.

Keep a An Angel dream journal, as dreams are also a favourite way to communicate.


Further workshop support is available via the Mantic Arts Workshops Facebook Group.  On Sundays the daily theme is Angel Ritual.


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