Hatha Yoga & The Chakra System Workshop Journal

Hatha Yoga & The Chakra System Workshop Journal demonstrates the different hatha yoga practices that enhance the chakra system. It includes asanas, mandalas, mantras, meditations, and mudras as well as nutritional and skin care information associated with each dosha type. The illustrations are done by the author. This workshop helps to enhance your Yoga practice for holistic wellbeing for the Auric and Physical body.



Hatha Yoga is physical yoga that brings the body mind and spirit into balance. "Ha" is "Sun" for the masculine and "Tha" is Moon" for the feminine and Yoga is "union". Hatha Yoga is a form of Raja Yoga which consists of 8 limbs of Yoga.

1) Yamas (Abstentions): truth, non-violence, control of sexual energy, non-stealing, non-covetousness.

2) Niyamas (Observances): austeries, purity, contentment, study,

surrender of ego.

3) Asanas - Steady poses

4) Pranayama - control of vital energy (Prana)

5) Pratyahara - withdrawal of the senses

6) Dharansa - concentration of the mind

7) Dhyana – meditation

8) Samadhi - the super-conscious state

The six Kriyas of Yoga are Neti , Dhauti, Basti, Nauli, Kapalbhati and Trakaka.


Neti- (nasal cleansing) Jala Neti (using warm water) with a Neti pot and salt

Dhauti – Cleansing technique of eyes, ears, tongue, oesophagus,

stomach, rectum and anus.

Basti- Yogic enema

Nauli- abdominal massage

Kapalbhati – frontal brain purification, breathing rapidly through the nostrils with emphasis on exhalation.

Trakaka – technique of gazing steadfastly upon an object such as a candle flame, mandala or yantra.

Prana is likened to the sun energy – dynamic and alive and the Moon is associated with mental energy.

Hatha Yoga develops the quality of human consciousness and is the science of physical and mental harmony. The union of Prana, Mind and Self.

The basis of the body is "Divine". The Spine has three main Nadis, Ida, Pingala & Srishummna. The connection of these three flows occurs in the Anja Chakra.

Srishummna runs along the spinal cord in the center, through the seven chakras – Mooladhaar at the base, and Sahasrar at the top.

Ida is connected to the left nostril and the left side of the body and the right brain hemisphere, introverted state of awareness, orientation in space, artistic, creative, music ability and subconscious. (Lunar Female Energy)

Pingala is connected to the right nostril and the right side of the body and the left hemisphere of the brain. Which has an externalized awareness, logical, sequential, mathematical, analytical and conscious, dynamic functions. (Solar Male Energy)

Traditionally Yoga is taught from a Guru. The word Guru is a combination of "Gu" which means darkness and "Ru" which means light. The Guru is a guide working within the parameters of "Namaste", I honor the Divine light within you. This type of instruction was to ensure that the correct method of learning was passed down from Guru to student.

When the body and mind are not functioning in harmony, there is a division between the physical and mental rhythms, which inevitably leads to sickness.

Your mind should be flexible and you should be able to adjust to circumstances. Courage is needed to face the inner visualizations as they dawn to be able to face internal hardships as well as external ones.

Enthusiasm, perseverance, discrimination, ("if something is detrimental leave it") unshakable faith and courage and avoiding the company of common people are seen as the six things that bring success in Yoga. Part of the positive thinking method is to seek constant inspiration. The idea of attaining perfection in itself generates energy and helps to maintain regularity of practice.

"Satsang" are meetings to discuss holy matters. "Udara Vritti" is the concept of having a large heart.


Shiva is consciousness and located in the crown chakra and Shakti is energy that is located in the base chakra. The goal of Hatha Yoga is to become harmonious and unified into one force. Each of the Chakras strengthens that area physically and provides a conduit to the next Chakra.

The Base Chakra or Root Chakra is associated with the Earth element and physical health, safety and security and black or red crystals. The Sacral Chakra is associated with the Water Element and the back area and reproductive organs and facilitates creativity and orange crystals are used for this Chakra.

The Solar Plexus Chakra is associated with the Fire Element and the Digestive System and Self-Empowerment, Tiger’s Eye and Citrine for Sun Energy are used for this area.

The Heart Chakra is associated with the Air Element and the heart and lung area and relationships between ourselves and others. Pink and Green crystals are used for this Chakra. The Thymus Chakra is also associated with the Air Element and also the immune system.

Turquoise and Amber are used for this Chakra, though not one of the seven main Chakras, its importance is being more relevant as pollution, stress and environment affect day to day living.

The Throat Chakra is associated with the Sound Element, throat area and communication. Blue stones are used for the throat area. The Brow Chakra is associated with the Light and Dark Element and Visualization. Purple stones are used to work with this Chakra. The Crown Chakra is associated with the Time and Space Element and Meditation. White and clear crystals are used for this Chakra.


Koshas are Auric body energy sheaths surrounding the physical body and are associated with food, air, mind, wisdom and bliss and the main Energy Chakras. This is where Crystal Healing (for the Auric and Physical Body) and Ayurveda (through food) heals all the levels.

Chakras Koshas

Muladhara Annamaya (Food Apparent Sheath)

Swadhisthana Annamaya (Food Apparent Sheath)

Manipura Annamaya (Food Apparent Sheath)

Anahata Pranamaya (Air Apparent Sheath) Pancha Vayu

Vishuddha Pranamaya (Air Apparent Sheath) 5 Winds

Anja Monomaya (Mind Apparent Sheath)

Vijnanamaya (Wisdom Apparent Sheath)

Sahasrara Anandamaya (Bliss Apparent Sheath)


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